PXE boot ROMs

emBoot Engineering Services

Network boot firmware for Boot ROMs or BIOS integration

There are many advantages to having emBoot develop your PXE boot firmware. While you avoid the considerable cost in time and resources that in-house development entails, there are number of additional benefits. emBoot offers years of focused experience in this area.

Our boot firmware is ideal for many products including:
Network Interface Cards, NetPCs, Network Computer, LAN-On-Motherboard, Point of
Sale devices, Factory Floor Equipment and many other network connected device.

Network Interface Cards

The ideal way to offer customers an enhanced feature set on your adapters. Many major LAN adapter manufacturers ship ROMs built using our expertise on their products as a value-added feature. We can work with you from design to documentation and end user support to deliver a better LAN adapter for just about any LAN controller and system environment.

NetPCs and Network Computers

We provide proven network boot capabilities for NetPCs and Network Computers. Whatever the chosen LAN controller may be, existing boot firmware architecture can be easily adapted to provide a range of boot protocol needs.

LAN-On-Motherboard (LOM)

What is needed for a LAN-On-Motherboard design other that the obvious integration of a LAN controller is the integration of network boot firmware into the motherboard BIOS. In most cases, existing architecture can be adapted to your LOM design such as:

  • Integration of our configuration capabilities into the main BIOS configurations services.
  • Allocation of additional CMOS-based variables required by our firmware.

Point of Sale devices (POS)
For many years, boot firmware developed by our staff has been an integral part of the world's most widely used POS terminals. POS devices are ideal candidates for network booting. Our technology allows identical terminals to share one server-based boot image, reducing time-consuming updates and maintenance.

Factory Floor Equipment
In this harsh environment, hard and floppy drives are simply inappropriate. Network booting provides the reliability your customers need with the cost savings of diskless machines.

Other network connected devices
Any product which is connected to a network can benefit from our technology.

Flexible Licensing Options
emBoot offers cost-effective and flexible licensing options. Licensing is assessed on an individual basis depending on a number of factors:

  • Design requirements. Original design or customization of an existing design, etc.
  • Deliverables. Firmware only, additional tools, documentation, etc.
  • Support requirement
  • Volume

Our Sales Team will work with you from concept to delivery to make sure you get the best products, the best service and the best ongoing support in the business.



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