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emBoot Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA)

emBoot's MBA is client-based firmware that allows a client PC to do a "network boot” using the NIC or LAN-On-Motherboard. MBA is fully compliant with the Intel Wired for Management - Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) specification. PXE is the defacto industry standard protocols/APIs for network booting.

MBA adds extra important features in addition to our standard PXE boot agent:

  • MBA supports additional boot protocols:
    • Remote Program Load (RPL)
    • Netware NCP/IPX
    • “Traditional” BOOTP

  • MBA has extra features and options, e.g.:
    • Default action when a network boot fails: PXE - goes to next device in BIOS boot order MBA - goes to next device in BIOS boot order OR reboots PC to try again
    • Prompt when network boot fails: PXE – waits a definable time period before going to next device MBA – waits a definable time period before going to next device OR can display message to user and wait for a key press before going to next device

  • MBA is compatible, robust, and dependable:
    • MBA undergoes extensive and thorough testing:
      • Software compatibility testing with popular desktop management products (IBM LCCM, Intel LCM, OnCommand CCM, Symantec Ghost, Windows RIS, and more.)
      • System compatibility testing with different PCs, BIOS's, configurations (PCI bridge, AGP, memory sizes, etc.), EFI, etc.
      • Network compatibility testing: 10/100(/1000), switch, hub, force speed, auto negotiate, with traffic, etc.
      • Component testing (e.g. UNDI) with in-house test programs and scripts e.g. UNDI stress and API test utility, triprotocol cycling script, etc.
    • >16 years of testing experience and exposure
    • Tier 1 PC vendors such as HP, Dell, Gateway, IBM, Toshiba, etc. trust MBA

  • MBA includes a CD of useful tools and utilities to help administrators setup a networking booting environment. For example:
    • Windows-based Boot Image Editor - to create\edit network boot image files
    • Universal NDIS2 Driver - provides DOS NDIS2 driver that works with all NICs (uses boot ROM)
    • PBOOT.EXE – provides seamless transition from pre-OS phase to local OS boot
    • Includes comprehensive electronic MBA User Guide


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