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emBoot Managed PC Boot Agent on Disk

The emBoot managed PC boot agent (MBA) is a package consisting of multiprotocol network boot firmware and software tools that enable network administrators to deploy centrally- administered management applications to networked clients during their boot phase. Examples of preboot applications are drive imaging tools for OS deployment/disaster recovery, virus scanners, BIOS updates, and critical file restore facilities.

Previously, MBA was available only as a NIC-specific option ROM or integrated as part of the PC's main BIOS. Now, a universal floppy (or CD) disk-based boot agent has been released. This disk-based boot agent supports a wide variety of NICs.

Why a disk-based boot agent?

  • A simple and universal means of desktop OS deployment/disaster recovery; no need to change PC or NIC-specific settings (no need to enable MBA on the NIC or make network boot the highest priority boot device within the BIOS)

  • MBA on Disk is the only Wired for Management 2.0-compliant tool available that enables:
    • PCs with USB but lacking a boot firmware-supportive Ethernet NIC
    • Legacy 3C509(B) ISA NICs to take advantage of centrally deployed management tools

  • For those who require the latest version of MBA but have an older version of MBA or PXE embedded in the system BIOS and can't wait for a manufacturers' BIOS update, disk-based MBA can get you up and running with the new version right away.



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