PXE boot ROMs

emBoot Testing Services

Boot ROM Testing - PXE / DHCP / BOOTP / RPL and other protocols

emBoot's crack team of QA Analysts has more experience than anyone else, anywhere in testing Boot ROMs. This includes years of dealing with almost every major vendor's requirements in network booting. Our combination of customised in-house developed test suites and hardware testbeds is unmatched. Send a detailed description of your testing environment requirements to: support@emboot.com

Network Adapter: WfM Compliance / WHQL Compliance / Other Standards Compliance Testing

Real world tests for real world situations - emBoot can make sure that your network adapters and desktop systems' network capabilities are able to work within the strict guidelines imposed by current desktop management and hardware standards. These standards-based features have been embraced and supported by numerous suppliers of manageability software and operating systems, and are part of the Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements 2.0 , and Microsoft Windows XP Hardware Compatibility Test Kit (HCT), version 10.0 or greater. We can test, and if necessary, help design your device's manageability functionality, including use of the network as a boot device. Tests can be run against an extensive selection of the latest desktop management suites.




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